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Published in Standards in Genomic Science, The White Paper is titled "Cephalopod Genomics: A Plan of Strategies and 

Organization." Read the Paper

View the list of "Pioneer Species" proposed for initial sequencing efforts, along with general information about each species, including their research importance. See the List

Believed to be among the most advanced invertebrates, cephalopods today comprise more than 700 species! Learn more about these influential animals. Read More

Welcome to the CephSeq Website


The Cephalopod Sequencing Consortium is pleased to announce its new website. If you are viewing this, you have already begun your experience with the new Here, you will find information conveniently organized and presented at your fingertips.


The vision of the Cephalopod Sequencing Consortium is rapid advancement of cephalopod science into the genomics era, one employing the most modern and efficient methods available and engaging broad international participation by the entire cephalopod scientific community. This vision entails communication and active promotion of sequencing technologies and findings to researchers across a great diversity of fields. To read our full Mission Statement and more about us, click here.


This site will specifically feature frequent updates on the happenings of cephalopod research and general information of the CephSeq Consortium. Stay tuned for the latest news!

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CephSeq update!

Have a look at the blogpost!

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