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The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance is a network of diverse scientists aiming to facilitate comparative genomics across a broad array of invertebrate taxa, and to foster international collaborations across the scientific community. 

The Cephalopod International Advisory Council aims to bring together cephalopod researchers from around the world and foster their research efforts. The next meeting will be in Portugal in 2022. More information and exact dates can be found here.

The Association for Cephalopod Research (CephRes) is based in Napoli, Italy, and promotes scientific knowledge, animal welfare and public engagement with a focus on cephalopods. The website also hosts a genome browser which allows to explore the Octopus vulgaris, Octopus bimaculoides, Callistoctopus minor and Euprymna scolopes genomes. 

The Tree of Life Cephalopod Page provides information about the taxonomy and evolution of the cephalopods. 


Tonmo is an online community and news resource for information about cephalopods, including instructions about their care, their species identifications, and the latest scientific research surrounding them. 


CephsInAction is a useful source for information about the advancements in addressing animal welfare concerns in the growing studies of cephalopods as model organisms. 


The initial meeting that established CephSeq was funded by NEScent.

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